collection: [Shichiho ware] jujube

A jujube work of Shichiho ware.

It is a jujube, which is known as a tea utensil in matcha, but this is usually a lid container made of wood lacquered, and once.Wooden or bamboo lacquered is common because of the simple black coating that is said to be a good day for Senriku, the ones with the trendy lacquer, and anyway, in any case.

The jujube made of the seven treasures contains lead in the glaze used as a dye, so there is no purpose of use as a matcha case, and it is a decoration tea utensil.

A jujube that can be placed in any place, with a small size than a vase or vase, that can be placed in any place. (All are the standards of Nakajutsu)

The elegant and rich colors of the Shichido ware will change the space into a shine even more.