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Shichiho amount "Akafuji"

Shichiho amount "Akafuji"

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Red Fuji's seven treasures.

Mt. Fuji is the best mountain in Japan.Fortunately, the fulfillment of the desire is not limited to the dream of Fuji.It is said that it is good for fortune.

Red Fuji is an expression that means the best sacred peak in Japan that dyes red on the first day.

While the first day hits Mt. Fuji and dyed redThe appearance of becoming bright isBecause I want to see the sunriseCongratulations on the point and overlapsOlder people thought that it was the best dream in the world.

It is a popular dish that is ideal for the congratulations.


Shichiko part size: 3 inches x 5 inches (about 9cm x 15cm)
Vice -frame size: 20cm x 33cm

● ひとつひとつ職人の手作りとなり、写真とまったく同じものにはなりませんのでご了承ください。

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