Act on specified commercial transactions

About the seller

Name of seller: TAMURA-SHIPPO
Representative: Tamura Takemasa
Address: 610 Santanda, Tojima, Shippo-cho, Ama-shi, Aichi 497-0002, Japan


Please contact us using the inquiry form or this e-mail address (

Selling price

Price varies for each product. The price will be displayed on the screen during the purchase process, along with the consumption tax.

Fees other than product prices

For domestic orders, a flat rate of 1,000 yen will be charged. For international shipments, shipping charges will vary depending on the region.

Payment Methods

We accept one of the following payment methods. We accept various credit card payments, bank transfers, smartphone payments, and other payment methods.

Product shipping method

Products will be delivered by courier service. Since each piece is handmade, please allow extra time for delivery. Please contact us if you are in a hurry.

Returns and Cancellations

If the item is defective, please contact us using the Contact Us form. Please understand that we basically do not accept returns unless the item is defective.